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Best Price For AC Installation in Greenville, SC

Air conditioning systems have changed a lot in recent years. The older models were definitely more energy intensive, but it’s possible to find an AC that is both efficient and affordable these days! We at Value Heating & Cooling offer replacement service for residential customers living anywhere within Greenville or Spartanburg county. 

We want our clients’ satisfaction guaranteed by providing them with high-quality products from reputable manufacturers as well as helping make sure they get exactly what will work best based on individual needs.”

The best part is that Value Heating & Cooling has the best prices on leading brands of heating systems to install in your home! 

Types of Air Conditioning Systems in Greenville, SC

Value Heating & Cooling technicians and installers are experts when it comes to installing a new A/C system in Greenville.  Our technicians are factory trained and just down right friendly! 

Here’s the types of AC systems we install in Greenville:

Air Conditioner Installation Prices Starting at $2,995.00

When to Replace Your A/C Unit

Value Heating & Cooling understands that replacing an AC system can be a big expense. often times, aging units break down and you’re left wondering if this is the right time to replace or not!

The good news about installing new air conditioners? They come with full 10-year warranties so your covered for expenses out of pocket; even when they fail during their lifespan (which happens less often than people think). And another great benefit: by switching from an old inefficient system do a new high-efficiency unit you’ll save a ton on your energy bills.

Here’s a few things to consider to help you make the tough decision to replace or repair your cooling system:

It is over 10-years-old or older

Cooling units that are over 10 years old or more should be examined for possible repairs. You could save yourself from wasting money on unnecessary maintenance expenses if you take quick action now!

The average lifespan of a A/C unit is about 10-15 years, so before sinking any major resources into repairing it consider whether this might not be necessary at all considering how much time has passed since original installation.

It has not been well-maintained

Air Conditioners can last for years with proper maintenance, but eventually they will wear out. If you’re not keeping up on routine service your unit may be suffering more than it needs to at this point in its lifespan- So take some time now and figure out how best fit into a regular schedule of care that suits both budgeting requirements as well as personal preferences!

Loud and strange noises

If you notice unusual sounds coming from your a/c system, then it’s best to contact an expert. These machines are intricate and require constant maintenance in order for the functions properly operate so please make sure not only do I know about these issues but keep them top of mind when they arise!

It is more cost-efficient to replace your system than to keep repairing it

If you want to save money, it’s more cost-effective to replace your system than keep repairing. Our Greenville air conditioner installation experts will consider the age and frequency of repair when offering recommendations about what option would be best for your home!

Need a Price for a New Cooling System?

Air Conditioner Replacement Questions & Answers

We get it, Greenville homeowners only replace their A/C systems once or twice in their life so naturally you they are going to have some questions. 

Here are the most asked questions we answer.  If you have any other questions we’d be happy to help you out.  Simply call or text our office and start asking away! 

The price ranges depending on how much work needs to be done before installation and what type of system you want (gas or electric). Expect an average cost anywhere from $4K-$8k if there isn't any renovations needed; however prices may vary greatly due opening walls/ceilings which could add another $5-10k to reach a final total value between $10,000 - $15,000.

4-8 hours. Installing a air conditioner in your residential home usually takes 4 to 8 full days, depending on the complexity of installation and any additional work that needs doing like modifying ductwork or refrigerant lines for match with new equipment.

In most cases, you should always replace both air conditioning components at the same time. However it is possible to get by with just replacing one of your AC systems if there are no major issues in another part or room
The split system allows for this flexibility because often times when only certain parts need servicing instead than everything all together which saves money!

Best Price For Air Conditioner Replacement in Greenville, SC

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